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In order to access the Ambition or Education Development Trust ECF programmes, there are a number of steps schools need to undertake to register their Early Career Teachers, Induction Leads and Mentors.

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Make sure you have your school's Unique Reference Number (URN), as well as the names, Teacher Reference Numbers (TRNs) and personal details such as date of birth and the email addresses of any Early Career Teachers you are registering, along with their Mentor’s details and any Induction Leads that you are registering.

Register on the DfE portal

Schools will receive an email from the DfE to register on the DfE ‘Managing training for early career teachers’ portal. This must be completed in order for funding to be allocated for your ECT. Create an account using the Induction Lead name and your chosen lead provider name (Ambition Institute or Education Development Trust). Register the name of your ECT(s) mentors and induction leads before induction commences, using the information you have gathered in step 1 above.

Registration with the Five Counties Teaching School Hubs Alliance and the Lead Provider

Complete a short form for the Five Counties TSH Alliance who will then register your ECTs, Mentors and Induction Lead on lead providers’ (Ambition Institute or Education Development Trust) portal.

Provider Contact

You will be contacted by your chosen lead provider with further details of how to access the training.

Appropriate Body Registration

Ignore this step if you have chosen the Five Counties as your AB in step 3 above, as we will register your ECTs with our Appropriate Body Service automatically and send you a link to ECT manager, our online AB system.

If you are NOT choosing Five Counties as your AB, you will need to register with your chosen Appropriate Body, such as Bristol LA or Integra. Registering your ECT with an appropriate body is a legal requirement and is separate to the ECT induction CPD programmes.

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