Early Career Framework

Early Career Framework

Our Early Career Framework Programmes aim to develop knowledge, understanding and confidence, supporting ECTs with a range of strategies to help them thrive in their first years of teaching, creating a strong foundation for their future careers in the classroom.

There are three approaches schools can choose from to enable the delivery of an ECF based induction. It is up to the headteacher to choose the approach that best suits the needs of their ECTs and mentors.  We are working in partnership with Ambition Institute and The Education Development Trust (EDT) to deliver the full induction, fully funded programmes which deliver the Early Career Framework reforms for Early Career Teachers and train their mentors.

Schools choosing to write / deliver their own programmes will need to ensure their programmes are fidelity checked by our appropriate body service in advance of an ECT commencing their programmes.  There is a cost to this service.

Sign up to the full induction, fully funded programme for your school

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  • DfE funded provider route

    Schools can choose a fully-funded training provider to support meeting the new statutory induction requirements.
  • Deliver your own programme

    Schools deliver an induction programme in their school using high quality materials and resources, accredited by the DfE. Schools will need to register with an Appropriate Body and register with the DfE on their portal.
  • Design and deliver your own programme

    Schools design and deliver their own two-year induction programme for ECTs based on the ECF. Schools will need to register with an Appropriate Body and register with the DfE on their portal.

Appropriate Body Services

Every school must register their ECTs with an Appropriate Body as well as an Early Career Framework CPD programme. When you register with the Five counties Teaching School hub for one of the ECF CPD programmes, we are able to provide an AB service for your ECTs within the Five Counties Hub area.

Appropriate Body Service

What our Teachers & Mentors are saying

The ECT conference day was a highly organised and well-structured training day focusing on the cognitive science of learning and the habits of good planning. All in all, it was a really enjoyable and useful day!

Lucy, North Somerset

It was so valuable to have an overview of the two year programme, seeing how it all fits together to offer comprehensive support for me and the ECT.

Sarah, Bristol

Thank you so much for such an informative and supportive session. I am excited to embark on my journey of ECT mentor!

Rachel, North Somerset

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