Events & Courses

Events & Courses

Five Counties Teaching School Hubs Alliance deliver other high-quality evidence-based CPD that focuses on developing quality teaching across our hub area.  This CPD will support the improvement of teacher quality and will be complementary to ITT, ECF and NPQs.

We will also ensure that CPD is underpinned by and meets the Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development.

The pillars that constitute the standard are:

  1. Professional development should have a focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes.
  2. Professional development should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise.
  3. Professional development should include collaboration and expert challenge.
  4. Professional development programmes should be sustained over time.
  5. Professional development must be prioritised by school leadership.

The Teaching School Hubs Alliance CPD offer will complement DfE CPD, such as courses offered by Curriculum Hubs.

CPD Events & Courses

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