Are you an Induction Tutor?

Are you a new or experienced induction tutor working with ECTs? Would you like some support with aspects of the role? We have a number of short, helpful sessions running across the spring and summer terms to give a 20 minute input on a particular theme and to give you some time to have any queries answered in a personalised Q&A should you wish.

The first sessions were on managing and supporting ECTs causing concern and preparing for progress reviews are available as a recording should you wish to view them. 

Our next session is about dealing with Special Circumstances – reducing or extending the induction period.  Our final session of the year on 4th July will be an overview of the whole year ahead in terms of processes. We would love to see you there.

The sessions are led by Caroline Jones (Appropriate Body Quality Assurance Officer) and Paul Clark (facilitator and Induction Tutor) and all commence at 4pm.

Each session input lasts for around 20 minutes, and is followed by a Q&A session

To book a place at one of the sessions please use the registration links below

If you would like a recording of any of the sessions, do let us know via our usual email address: [email protected]

Wednesday 31st January 2024Managing and supporting ECTs causing concern  
Early identification
Effective and timely communication – with ECT, Mentor and the Appropriate Body QAO;
AB support visits and using external support effectively
Managing expectations
Looking ahead to Assessment Reports – gathering information
Wednesday 28th February 2024Preparing for and managing Progress Reviews  
Wednesday 1st May 2024Preparing for and managing assessment reports  
Wednesday 19th June  2024Special Circumstances – Reducing or extending the induction period    
Thursday 4th July 2024Overview of the induction process  for new and experienced ITs

We know many induction tutors have lots of hats to wear and if you have just taken over the role as induction tutor or even having done it for a while and you would like some individual support and guidance, please contact your linked Quality Assurance Officer (QAO) directly or reach out via our Appropriate Body dedicated email address: [email protected]

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